Week 9 Edublog Challenge

The Fastest Man Alive

My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive. When I was 11, my mother was murdered. I saw a ball of lightning. Inside the lightning there was a man. He killed my mom. What happened that night was impossible. Then an accident made me the impossible. I was in a coma for nine months. My muscles should be atrophied, but instead they're in a state of cellular regeneration, it helps me move at superhuman speeds, and it helps me heal faster. I wasn't the only one affected, or was I? We've been searching for other meta humans like myself. All my life I wanted to do more, and the first chance I get to help someone, I screw up. The good you do must far outweigh the bad. Whoever killed mom, I think I finally have a way to find them.

How did I get my powers?  Fourteen years after my mother's death, an advanced particle accelerator malfunctions during its public unveiling, bathing the city center with a previously unknown form of radiation during a severe thunderstorm. I was struck by lightning from the storm and doused with chemicals in my lab. Awakening after a nine-month coma, I discovered  I had the ability to move at superhuman speeds. I soon discovered that I wasn't the only one who was changed by the radiation I vowed to use my gift to protect Central City from the destruction of other metas and criminals. I accumulate a number of enemies known as The Rogues, while hunting down my mother's superhuman murderer, the Reverse-Flash. I am aided by a few close friends and associates who guard my secrets. I like to call myself the Flash.
           I was recognized as Central City's hero. However, the event brings an evil from a parallel universe, earth 2 to Central City in the form of the speedster Zoom who wants to eliminate everyone connected to the Speed Force throughout the multiverse. The man who killed my mother, his doppelgänger, Harrison Wells parallel universe counterpart , and his daughter Jesse, work to help me and my friends stop Zoom. Joe and his daughter, Iris, struggle with their shared painful past related to their family, especially after the arrival of Iris's brother Wally West, whom Francine West gave birth to shortly after abandoning her family. After Zoom killed my father, I travelled back in time to save my mother's life from the Reverse-Flash.
        After traveling back in time to save my mother, I unknowingly altered the entire timeline, resulting in a ‘Flashpoint’ timeline.  Despite my attempt to repair the damages I caused, new threats emerge from flashpoint including powerful beings such as Savitar and Alchemy, who seek to destroy me. My friends are losing trust and becoming distant to me because of my selfish actions. Wally struggles to gain powers in the hopes of creating his own heroic destiny, and Caitlin starts to exhibit a bizarre transformation related to ‘Flashpoint’.
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Charlie, Charlie are you there?

What was the scariest night of your life? Was anyone hurt? I’m not talking about a paper cut, I’m talking about a broken bone or a sprained ankle. I am pretty sure that everyone has been scared at least once before, whether it's jumping off a cliff or getting back a test that was really hard. Most second graders haven't been scared like me, not in the case when they think they're going to die. I’ll get to that part in a little bit.

Hi I’m Samantha,and I am twelve years old currently, but at the time I was around seven or eight years old.  In second grade, I had three best friends, Vanessa, Joseline and Jessica. They were like family to me because we  got along and we  liked the same things. Today we are still friends, but we all go to different middle schools so it’s harder to communicate. I like when I think back to second grade because it’s very different from middle school, especially with the different schedules.

During second grade, when the bell rings for lunch everyone is supposed to go to the cafeteria, wait twenty minutes, then we were allowed to go to the playground.The lunch monitor finally allowed us to go to the playground, and Vanessa and I usually went to our favorite tree. Since Vanessa and I had different classes, I never knew what she talked about or who she talked to. When we got to our tree, most of her friends saw us there and came over to us.

Vanessa pulled some pencils and a piece of paper out from inside her pocket. Next thing I knew, I was swept away by the crowd.

“What are you doing” I shouted from the crowd. I didn’t get a response. I pushed around to the front and I saw that she had some words written on the paper and the pencils aligned in a cross pattern.

“Charlie Charlie are you there”? Vanessa mumbled. I didn’t know what that meant or who Charlie Charlie was, but the crowd of kids just held their breaths waiting to see what would happen next.

The pencils moved to a box on the paper that wrote yes. We all ran across the yard panicked and startled.

Ouch!” my friend Joseline yelled.

“What’s wrong?” I howled.

“I think I broke my ankle” Joseline sobbed.

She grabbed onto my shoulder and I quickly got her to the nurse's office.

“Should I stay?” I blurted out to the nurse.
I got it” the nurse replied.

As I walked back to my tree, the bell rang for lunch to end, so I went back to my classroom. When I got back, everyone gossiped about what happened during lunch. My crush, William, who sat right next to me, and asked me if I was involved in playing the game.
“Yes,” I admitted.

“Since you were a part of it, you're going to die in your sleep tonight!” William blurted out.

“What?” I cried.

After school was over, I met up with Vanessa and Jessica. I told them what William said, and Vanessa didn't care because she had played the game before. Jessica looked surprised even though she didn’t play the game.

We were called by our after school coaches to go to computer club. At the time, we were obsessed with Movie Star Planet, so I played that to get my mind off of it. My dad had the day off, so he picked me up early.

“How was your day sweetie?” he asked.

“Good.” I answered.

I never really tell my dad what I  do at school because the car ride home is short, and I don’t like to get into detail because when we get home he likes zones out. As soon as I walked in the door, I turned on the TV to get my  mind off things. Usually when I get  home from school I do my homework, but I’d rather not spend my last day studying.
When it came time to go to bed, I told my mom about what we did during lunch and she let me sleep with her. When I sleep in her room, she usually has the TV on. As soon as she fell asleep, I stole the remote and changed it to Disney, because that’s what I liked at the time. I didn’t go to sleep until class the next day.

When I got to class, I saw Joseline, and she told me that she broke her leg.  My teacher, Mrs. Epping told us to sit down because class was about to start. I sat down and William was late, as always.  When he got to class, he had a looked relieved because I was still alive. When she checked who didn’t put their homework in the homework box, she came over to me and told me I was benched, then she had to explain to me what that meant because I was the good kid who never got in trouble. I didn’t really care because she doesn’t have a record if someone doesn’t do their homework, she just benches them and she lets you sit near your friends.

Vanessa and I didn’t have classes together, so I hided all day to scare her, and it worked! When we got to LA’S BEST, our after school program, Vanessa was mad that I tricked her. She didn’t talk to me for about an hour, then I pulled out hot fries and she wasn’t mad anymore. After about an hour, my neighbor, Carissa picked me up and we played at her house for a bit. When my dad picked me up from there we begged him to let us have a sleepover, and he agreed. When we went to my house, I showed her the game because I had nothing to worry about. We set up the paper, asked Charlie Charlie a random question, and the pencils moved, this time I didn’t flinch!

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