Week 6 Commenting
Hanna's Blog-
Hi Hannah,
 First of all, I really like the colors of your blog and the really pretty flower on the home screen. I found your blog because I saw that your interests are gymnastics and dance, two of my favorite things to do. My name is Jessica I am 12 years old and I live in the USA. What level are you in gymnastics? How many hours a week do you train? Please comment back as soon as possible.

Jalia's Blog-

Hi Jalia,
 I think your science project is a really cool idea. I would love to hear more about it. I found your blog through the edublogs link page, and I saw that some of your interests are singing and dancing and I like to do those also. Come check out my blog when your done reading this. Have fun expiramenting with your project!
Hi Abigail,
I am Jessica, and I am happy I came across your blog because I love the color scheme. How many years did you live in each place for? Which place was your favorite? Please check out my blog and answer my questions because I would love to know. :)

 Carmela's blog
Hey Carmela,
I am Jessica and I love gymnastics too! What level are you on? How long have you been doing it for. I’ve been doing it since I was two, and I am twelve. In elementry, my friends would say gymnastics is not a sport and I would search it up to prove them wrong. Please check out my blog and leave me a comment responding! 😉

Melissa's blog
Hey Melissa,
My name is Jessica and I really liked your spooky story, and I read on the blog lists that you like gymnastics and dance. I really like gymnastics and dance too. I also heard that you are from Germany. I went there whe I was two and I thought it was really pretty. How long have you been doing gymnastics and dance for? What level gymnast are you? Please check out my blog to tell me! :)

 I enjoyed commenting because I believe that it let me get to know people with the same interests as me. I aslo liked getting to know more about people. In conclusion, I liked commenting because it let me express myself to other bloggers like me. 

Activity 1 Images and Attributions/ Creative Commons

Activity 1: The video talks about how if you create something online, it is possible for someone to take the picture and sell it or make changes to it. For example, if I create something online and I send it to my friend they can make changes to it or send it to another friend. If they wanted to post it online, they would need to get my approval in order to do it. In conclusion, A new blogger should watch this video to make sure they don't use anything that could get them in trouble.   

Activity 2:(optional)

Activity 3:
Donuts taste so yummy,

Soon they will be in my tummy,
My mom only lets me have them on Fridays,
What she doesn't know is that they have them at school every day

Activity 4:
It was a beautiful summer morning, Ashley was getting ready to go to a pool party. When she got there, she saw that they had colorful decorations and a beautiful view of the ocean. She was invited by her friend Mia, who was cousins with the girl throwing it. Mia and Ashley went to go look at the snacks and drinks and decided to get some punch then they went back to the pool. Ashley set her things down and went near the steps to get in the pool. Someone splashed her unknowingly and she slipped and heard her ankle crack. She was rushed to the hospital and fell asleep on the way there. Guess how this story ends and comment it down below!

Activity 5:

When Pigs fly

Activity 6:

 Don't cry over spilled milk!

Activity 7: Check it out HERE!

Activity 8:

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