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Hanna's Blog-
Hi Hannah,
 First of all, I really like the colors of your blog and the really pretty flower on the home screen. I found your blog because I saw that your interests are gymnastics and dance, two of my favorite things to do. My name is Jessica I am 12 years old and I live in the USA. What level are you in gymnastics? How many hours a week do you train? Please comment back as soon as possible.

Jalia's Blog-
Hi Jalia,
 I think your science project is a really cool idea. I would love to hear more about it. I found your blog through the edublogs link page, and I saw that some of your interests are singing and dancing and I like to do those also. Come check out my blog when your done reading this. Have fun expiramenting with your project!
Hi Abigail,
I am Jessica, and I am happy I came across your blog because I love the color scheme. How many years did you live in each place for? Which place was your favorite? Please check out my blog and answer my questions because I would love to know. :)

 Carmela's blog
Hey Carmela,
I am Jessica and I love gymnastics too! What level are you on? How long have you been doing it for. I’ve been doing it since I was two, and I am twelve. In elementry, my friends would say gymnastics is not a sport and I would search it up to prove them wrong. Please check out my blog and leave me a comment responding! 😉

Melissa's blog
Hey Melissa,
My name is Jessica and I really liked your spooky story, and I read on the blog lists that you like gymnastics and dance. I really like gymnastics and dance too. I also heard that you are from Germany. I went there whe I was two and I thought it was really pretty. How long have you been doing gymnastics and dance for? What level gymnast are you? Please check out my blog to tell me! :)

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